Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Promise l 17 - Curiosity Diapers the Little

"Tyra? Why are my flowers on the...oh!"

The muted staccato of rushing feet on carpet seemed to come from a world away. Hypnotic lights danced on the screen like a runaway aurora, and they along with the high-pitched giggles and childish antics of Naomi, Oliver and their cohort of cartoon companions consumed the entirety of Cherry's existence. It was as if she and the cabinet before her were trapped in a technicolour bubble, and the room and its contents were visible as nothing more than a shimmering blur through its walls. Everything outside was on the fringe of reality and not worth the time it took to comprehend.

Cherry wasn't sure how long she floated in her bubble, but she couldn't fail to notice when it popped. The world came rushing through the breach, and the unfortunate little woke from her trance to the sight of a blank TV and a puddle between her legs.

"I...huh?" She blinked twice, startled by the sudden return of her senses. She hadn't even realised they'd abandoned her till the screen went off. Her lower extremities were warm and wet, and when Cherry went to investigate she discovered that the bottom half of her dress was dripping with an unidentifiable liquid. The carpet below her had seemingly suffering the same fate; it was dark and damp to touch. When had that happened? Everything had been dry just a moment before, when she started the tape...

Her brain hadn't caught up with her eyes just yet. It was with deepening concern and confusion that Cherry tried again. "What...what just - "

"I told you to watch Dora, not go snooping through my house." Evelyn was livid as she hauled her guest to her feet. She gestured at the little's crotch with a tense, claw-like hand. "You're damn lucky that's all you got for your efforts. Damn lucky. If I'd got here much later, you'd have been crawling after Mama begging for your ba ba, you can trust that." She drew back her hand and slapped Cherry across the cheek. The crack echoed through the stillness of the room like thunder. "What were you thinking, you stupid girl? What were you thinking?"

"I...I don't know," the little stammered, reeling from the blow. She would have fallen if not for Evie's hold on her. Everything had happened so quickly; one minute, she'd been watching the opening credits of Lucas' DVD, and the next, her host was scolding her. She'd seemingly blacked out between those two events, and apparently someone had thought it'd be funny to tip their drink over her lap while she'd been unconscious. Was that Dawn's work? Her thighs were slick and sticky with whatever they were drenched in.

Cherry's cheek was stinging as she began once more, "Ms Goldsworthy, I - "

"What were you doing going through my things?"

She cringed. "Ms Goldsworthy - "

"What were you doing?" 

Her eyes darted around the room, looking for excuse. Her eyes fell on the clutter of DVDs. "I was...looking for Dora," she whimpered. "You said to watch Dora, so I was looking, and..."

"Did that look like Dora?"

"I was curious." Her voice was little more than a whisper.

Suspicion was plain to see on Evelyn’s face, and her nails were digging into Cherry's wrist. "You were curious."

Cherry nodded frantically, near tears. "Lucas said you hypnotised him," she babbled, following the first train of thought that occurred to her. Evie couldn't begrudge her a morbid curiosity, could she? "And I accidentally found the DVD and I wondered if that was how you did it and - "

"Close your eyes." Evie sighed and shook her head. "You littles are nothing but trouble. Just...close your eyes, dear."

Had she bought it? "What?"

"I said close your eyes." The giantess glanced over her shoulder, and Cherry noticed Lucas and Dawn in the doorway for the first time. Lucas' porcelain features were made even fairer with concern, but her sister's face was unreadable. They both flinched as their mother's gaze fell upon them. "Both of you, too, or get out. Two backsides to clean are going to be quite enough; I don't need three."

It seemed that the giantess had swallowed her stammering. Not entirely sure why she was doing so but not wanting to antagonise Evie any further, Cherry rushed to close her eyes. There were worse things than standing around blind in wet pants, after all. If you don’t want a red bottom, you need to get a red bottom.
Standing there in the dark only served to heighten her other senses, though, and her thoughts turned to the dampness that seemed to pervade everywhere below her belly-button. Where had that come from? On second thought, it couldn't have been her sister, because Dawn had been upstairs using the potty. It was all coming back to her now, little by little. The world was starting to swim back into focus. But what else could it...

She'd been watching Lucas' hypo-tape. Could she have accidentally...

No. I didn't. Cherry banished that thought to the recesses of her mind reserved for suppressed trauma. That was too horrible a notion to entertain. I was too careful for that, surely. I couldn't have...could I?

Her legs were so warm.

The sound of the DVD starting up again muted her nervous musings.

" - Tommy get the cookie?" Oliver's voice resonated around the inside of Cherry's skull like the voice of God himself, and just like that, Evie's command to go blind went out the window. Her eyes flew open, and there he was, grinning at the camera with a gigantic chocolate-chip cookie in each hand. The Amazon was standing amidst an animated playroom with three littles, two boys and a girl, and all of them were naked but for their diapers. Despite the art style, they were distinctly littles and not actual children. There was no mistaking the breasts on the girl. "Tommy was a good boy, wasn't he? He made it to the potty and didn't get any in his pants!"

One of the boys beamed, but his companions were less enthusiastic. They were shaking their heads. "Nuh uh!" the girl giggled. She was resolutely sucking her thumb and seemingly unfazed by her near-nudity. She popped her spittle-soaked digit out only long enough to babble, "Tommy's a little boy. Little boys should potty in their diapies!"

"That's right!" Oliver's grin was infectious. "Tommy's only a little boy, so he should have gone potty in his diapie. That means..."

The Amazon passed the first of his cookies to the other boy, a muscular individual with a shy smile. When he took the sweet, he took poor Tommy's grin with it. "Dick gets the cookie!" Oliver patted the little on the head and pointedly ignored Tommy crestfallen frown. "Because Dick had a big, big accident, didn't he?"

"Uh huh." Dick held the cookie with one hand and groped the front of his diaper with the other. The plastic was visibly discoloured the colour of mud. "All wet," he announced before shoving the sugary treat into his mouth.

"You are! Such a good boy." Still smiling, Oliver gave the second cookie to Jane. "And Jane gets the second cookie because she's been sucking her thumb this whole time, hasn't she? Good girls should always be sucking their thumb."

Jane smiled around her thumb. She didn't seem willing to take it out even long enough to eat her mouthwatering reward.

Their host turned back to the camera. "Are all of you being good boys and girls?" He asked. "Because good little boys and girls get - "

The screen flickered off once more, and all was quiet.

"Chapter Two," Evie sighed. She glanced at Cherry, and she shook her head when she noticed the little's wide, staring eyes. "You were halfway through Chapter Two, dear. Do you know what that means?"

All Cherry knew was that that those damn colours were potent enough to tranquillise an elephant. She hadn't even realised that she'd been slipping into her trance again till the giantess turned the show off a second time. That thing was fucking strong, and it was clearly messing with her head...and, it now seemed impossible to deny, her bladder.

"I hypnotised myself, didn't I?" Cherry turned her attention back to the dampness between legs with rising horror. That wasn't Dawn's work, that was her own, and she had no one to blame but herself. She'd inadvertently hypnotised her bladder the same way Evie had hypnotised Lucas' legs. She'd pissed herself like a baby, and worse, her pull-up hadn't been up to task. She'd leaked everywhere.

I'm...I'm not toilet trained? It seemed impossible, but her sodden pull-up spoke for itself. She stared at the darkened patch of carpet at her feet . Oh my god. What have I done?

She turned to her imposing companion. "Ms Goldsworthy, please, I didn't mean to - "

"No, but you did, and now look at you." Evie's comment was eerily similar to Dawn's from that afternoon. "Just don't...don't move, okay? I don't want you dripping through the house. I'll get you a change of clothes." She roughly unhanded the little and strode away out the room, pushing past Lucas and Dawn and muttering darkly under her breath. Her curses seemed to revolve around the phrase 'stupid, stupid girl' over and over and over. The stupid, stupid girl in question didn’t even think that was unfair.

The most uncomfortable silence Cherry had ever experienced descended on the room.

"So...what made you think that that was a good idea?" Lucas' voice was meek as he poked his head back through the door.

She thought she might cry. "I thought it was going to teach me how to do the hypnotising, not actually do the hypnotising." Cherry shook her head and sat back down in her puddle. Her satchurated trainers squished audibly beneath her, and the sound proved to be what the final straw. Fat, salty tears began to leak down her cheeks as she explained, "I thought I could undo what she did to you. You said it was reversible."

"Yeah, can, but not with that.” Lucas hurried into the room on his hands and knees, taking care to keep a considerable distance between himself and Cherry's patch of pee. "The thing you just watched doesn't do anything other than fuck with your head. My understanding is that there's a totally different DVD that hits the undo button."

"There is." Dawn's her eyes downcast as she followed her adoptive brother. She was wearing a yellow sundress that wasn't quite long enough to hide the seat of her own trainers, and Cherry realised that Evelyn must have changed her out of her sweaty daycare clothes before they came back downstairs. Her older sister was wringing her hands as she climbed onto the couch. "She told me that once when I asked how she made you crawl, Lucas. I don't think she has it on her, either. Cherry, I...I didn't want you to get hurt."

It's not a real disability, although some stupid part of my brain thinks it is. "And yet, here we are." It was a little too late for her sister’s pity to do her any good. Cherry brushed her tears away. Bad enough to have wet herself like an infant; she didn't need to cry like one too. "So, what? I'm doomed to piss myself I'm some stupid baby?"

"If my legs are anything to go by..." Lucas' answer hung unsaid in the air.

Cherry sighed and hugged herself. "Well this is just great," she said bleakly. "Just. Great."

Neither Dawn nor Lucas knew how to answer that.

Evie saved her children the need to by returning moments later, and she brought with her a host of new problems. Cherry instantly recognised the plastic square in her hand for what it was, and she felt her heart leap into her throat. "Now I know you won't want to wear this," the giantess admitted as she entered the room, pointedly ignoring Cherry's traumatised expression. "But you need it, dear. I won't have you going potty on anything else."

No. No. The little sat up straighter and began to shake her head. "Ms Goldsworthy, it was an accident, it won't happen again. Please, I don't need - "

"Yes, you do need it. It might have been an accident, but it will happen again. You can trust that." Evie knelt down at the fringe of Cherry's puddle, naked pity on her face as she set the disposable diaper down beside her. It was joined by a box of wipes, baby powder, a green sundress to match Dawn's yellow one, and a can of something that was presumably some chemical to scour the carpet of urine. "Come on, dear, it's no different to what you have on already. You're going to have some trouble making it to the potty from now on, so let's be safe, okay?"

Cherry begged to differ; that thing was very different to what she had on already. She could pull her trainers up and down to do her business as she so desired, but this...she wasn't meant to be pulling this up and down. She admired the plastic nightmare with revulsion. She could see the teddy-bear print. She could see the padding. She could see the tapes. She wasn't...she couldn't...

Her soiled dress was rising over her head before she realised what was happening, and Cherry squeaked as she suddenly found herself sitting in just her bloated trainers. She hurried to cover her breasts, red-faced, but Evie was having none of it. The giantess gently pried the little's hands away and pushed her onto her back. She wasn't rough, but she was forceful, and Cherry was powerless to resist as she toppled over. The carpet was wet against her skin, and she shuddered. "Do we really have to do this?" she said in a small voice, dreading what she already knew was inevitable.

"Yes, we do. It's your own fault, dear." Evie shook her head, and then her hands were on the sides of Cherry's trainers. She paused to look the little in the eye. "You littles need a lesson every now and then to be brought into line, so let this be yours, okay? You don't go through other people's stuff without permission."

So she didn't buy it. "Can't you send them away, at least?" Cherry gestured at Lucas and Dawn, attempting to steer the conversation out of dire straits. Lucas suddenly seemed more interested in one of the stuffed toys lying about than the naked girl before him, but Dawn was watching with round, staring eyes. She had the grace to blush and look away at her sister's comment, but Evie was shaking her head. "You're a little girl, Tyra. Little girls don't care who might be watching. Right?"

If you don't want to get a red bottom, then you need to get yourself a red bottom. "Right," Cherry agreed meekly. She'd had her fill of red bottoms for a day.

Evie didn't respond to that. She nodded once and got to business. The sides of Cherry's trainers tore as easily as if they were paper, and then she was totally naked before her sister and a teenaged boy she hardly knew.

Evelyn Goldsworthy was evidently a professional when it came to diaper changes, and the ordeal was likely over in a matter of seconds. To the mortified little on the carpet, however, it was an endless, torturous eternity. Her behind was raised from the floor, and with one graceful flick of the hand Evie pulled the overburdened undergarment out from under her. The wipes followed immediately after, and they were as cold as ice on her bare flesh. They adventured into every sticky crevice and across every sticky stretch of skin with no regard for the little's modesty. Cherry squirmed as the giantess held her womanly parts open to clean, and she outright gasped when a probing finger unexpectedly slipped south. Evelyn chuckled at that, but Cherry could think of little she found less amusing. She held her tongue and admired the roof, mortified, doing everything in her power to ignore every subsequent affront to her dignity.

The worst part is, I'm going to actually need this thing. It was a sour thought from a sour little. Cherry pouted at no one in particular as she brooded on that detail. Have I seen Lucas walking, ever? If I'm going to have as much control over my bladder as he does over his legs...well, this is probably a good thing. Right?

'Necessary evil' was probably an apt description.

‘Fucking nightmare’ was the more honest one.

"Almost there," Evie eventually proclaimed, not unkindly. There was a puff of powder between her legs, another flurry of hands about her nether regions and her thighs...and then the front of the thing was coming up, and it was done. Cherry was taped into her first diaper since she'd been an infant the first time round.

"Now I don't want you playing with it." The giantess' voice rang with authority, but it sounded faint and distant to Cherry's ears. The plastic dug tight and harsh into the tender meat of her thighs, but it wasn't the physical discomfort that bothered the little. No, it was the fact that she was lying on her enemy's piss-soaked carpet wearing a diaper she was undoubtedly going to fill, and there was no easy cure for that. How the mighty have fallen, she thought glumly to herself, eyeing the expanse of teddybears between her legs the way one might eye a spider on their bedroom wall. Fuck me. Some hero I turned out to be. 

Keep your head down, Raymond had advised her before they’d parted ways earlier. They’d arranged the 6.30pm pick-up, and those had been his finals parting words to her. Keep your head down, do your job, and get out in one piece. Don’t be a hero.

Sylvia had proceeded with slightly less caution. Piss on her rug, had been the giantess’ remark. Piss on everything she holds dear, Cherry. I won’t even be mad, it’s the least she deserves.

Well, she’d upheld one of those, at least.

"...and that goes for ones and twos, okay?"

"Huh?" She'd tuned out, reminiscing over one of the only smirks she’d ever shared with Sylvia. "I'm sorry, Ms Goldsworthy, I..."

"You will use that for its intended purposes, dear." Evie's face was grim as she grabbed the dress she'd retrieved along with the diaper. "Arms up."

Meek as a mouse, Cherry raised her arms. The Amazon proceeded to dress her as she continued. "I might not be short a penny, but diapers are not cheap. You can trust that. I don't think you'll be able to make it to the potty in time, but on the off chance you do...well, don't.  I'll not have you wasting my boy's diapers, for any reason." The dress came down over the little's head, and when her eyesight returned to her Cherry could see the way Evie was looking at her. "For any reason."

That goes for ones and twos. 

It wasn't possible, but her cheeks reddened even further. "But - "

Evie looked on.

Cherry averted her eyes. "Yes Ms Goldsworthy," she mumbled.

The giantess seemed satisfied with that answer. "Run along and play now, dear," she said wearily. "I need to clean the carpet, and my pumpkin has waited long enough to watch Dora as it is. I'm sure you and the boy have all sorts of fun things you want to do, so..."

She shrugged and shooed the little away. Thinking the giantess had run out of humiliations to heap at her door, Cherry rushed to acquiesce, but her very first step towards freedom proved her wrong. The padding between her thighs was not only a foreign sensation, it was a debilitating one; it felt as if she was walking with a cushion strapped her legs, and the way it spread her thighs impacted the way she walked. She took a few more cautious steps, testing her gait. She was waddling. She was fucking waddling.

The TV unexpectedly exploded to life once more behind her, and fearing the return of Dick and Jane and poor, cookie-deprived Tommie, Cherry flinched out of instinct. It was the cheerful voice of Dora the Explorer that serenaded the twitchy little, however, and when she turned she found her sister glued to the screen and Evie tipping the contents of the canister Cherry had noticed earlier onto her legacy on the carpet. She bit her lip at the sight. How the mighty have fallen, she thought to herself again. She wasn't sure if she was referring to herself or her sister.

Something was tugging at the hem of her dress, and when she looked down she found Lucas smiling up at her. "Hey," he said, and in that one syllable Cherry could hear the sympathy in his voice. She turned her face away, too ashamed of what had just transpired to want his pity, but he went on all the same. "Let's go play," the inbetweener-turned-little said gently. "I have an idea."

"Yeah?" Cherry glanced at the giantess, who was certainly within earshot. "What would that be?"

"We should play hide and seek."

She didn't comprehend the brilliance of that suggestion straight away. "What?"

"Hide and seek," he repeated patiently. He pulled at her dress again. "Come on, I'll hide first. You can look all over the house for me."

All over the house?

Then: That’s...not even half bad an idea. 

She felt a smile began to creep to her lips in spite of the trauma she’d just experienced. "That sounds like fun," she admitted. She favoured the boy at her feet with a budding grin. "Man, that sounds like fun."

"Wait a minute, dear." Evie looked up then. Her expression was as guarded as a maximum security prison. "Hide and seek?"

The giantess looked at Cherry, and not sure what else to do, the little stared back. What's she thinking? Cherry didn't like the way her host was studying her face. It was the face of a woman in search of something, and Cherry had no desire to let her find anything of interest. She donned an innocent smile for Evie's benefit, but it was nervous more than anything. If she knew what I was up to, she'd have said something by now, surely...

"I don't want you going through my stuff, Tyra." Evie's voice was cool as she laid down the law. "We'll chalk this up to a careless accident, but...mind yourself, dear. You can play hide and seek without prying."

The relief that washed over Cherry was immeasurable. So she hasn’t puzzled it out.

Evelyn hadn't figured out that her son’s playmate was actually the girl she was trying to ensnare...but she sure as hell suspected something was up. That much was clear. It wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t the worst way this could have ended, either. Secretly vowing to be more careful, Cherry averted her eyes obediently and uttered a timid, "Yes Ms Goldsworthy."

The giantess' eyes lingered on her a moment longer. "Well, get going," she said grudgingly. "Have fun. I'll come looking for you if I need you."

Her attention thankfully returned to the carpet after that, and Cherry exhaled a breath she hadn't realised she was holding. She glanced down at Lucas, and realised that he'd had a similar reaction. They smiled shakily at each other, the type of smile reserved for a friend who caught you weak at the knees.

"So you're hiding first?" Cherry confirmed, fighting to lower her heart-rate out of the danger zone.

"I sure am." He winked at her, and before she could say anything further he was off, scampering out of the room on his hands and knees. "Find me if you can!"

She watched the boy's diapered behind disappear into the entrance hall with a bemused smile. Her own behind was undoubtedly identical now, but it could be worse. She could still walk, and really, that was preferable to being potty-trained. It was what she needed if she wanted to pull this heist off without a hitch.

Find me, he says, the little thought to herself. Cherry hurried to the wall, covered her eyes, and began to count out loud. Counting to fifty was probably fair in a game like this, but...well, there wasn't a moment to waste. She'd give him twenty-five. Well, let's see what I can do about that. 

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