Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Promise l 14 - Yellow

Cherry thought her eyes were deceiving her as she was led by the hand to her next trial. It simply seemed impossible that of all the children her big sister could have elected to sit with, she'd chosen to share a table with the two that Cherry had made enemies of yesterday...and yet, once again, fate had conspired to ensure that exactly that had happened. The big man upstairs clearly delighted in torturing well-meaning littles.

"Ms Sandcastle!" One of the twins squealed in delight as the little in question came into view. Cherry wasn't sure if it was Tyra or Simone, but it wasn't a question she devoted much brain power to as she stopped in her tracks. She stared at the table before her, unable to believe her rotten luck. Dawn looked back with sullen, piggish eyes, but the twins were positively radiant - if they hadn't made a mockery of her yesterday, Cherry would have almost thought that they were glad to see her again.

I guess they are glad to see you, she thought to herself bitterly. In their own way.

"Oh come on," Cherry muttered. She looked to her sister. "You're friends with them?"

The twins didn't seem to notice the edge to her voice, but Daisy certainly did. They giggled mischievously as the giantess frowned. "Is there a problem?" she asked sternly. "You haven't been bullying these girls too, have you?"

"I haven't done anything to them," she answered honestly. Why did people always expect the worst of her? "We built sandcastles together yesterday, at least until - "

"You already know them, then. Good. See, you're on your way to fitting in here just nicely, aren't you?" Daisy gave her a rough push towards the table. "I grabbed your lunch for you while you were apologising. Sit down and eat. I need to go feed the baby."

She didn't get a chance to answer that. Daisy turned heel and left even before she was done talking, saying her farewells over her shoulder.

That didn't exactly leave her with a vast array of options. Cherry bit her tongue and took the seat beside her sister, ignoring the knowing eyes of the twins opposite. "You're friends with these two?" she said stiffly, looking around for the sandwich she'd packed that morning. She didn't see it. The tabletop was bare.

"I was last inside after play-time," Dawn replied, equally stiff. She resolutely examined an undefined point in space before her, refusing to acknowledge Cherry's presence. Mature as ever. "This was the only free seat. They're not my friends."

Somehow, the fact that Simone and Tyra had been sitting alone didn't surprise Cherry. "Fair enough," she instead said. She eyed her sister, in her overalls and pigtails and perpetual layer of blubber. It was a sorry sight. "Are you going to talk to me today? I have good news, you know."

"I don't want to hear it," was the answer. "I'm a good girl."

Sure you are. "And Lucas is your brother," Cherry scoffed, shaking her head. She instead scanned the empty table before her again and pretended not to see her sibling start at the revelation that Lucas had been dragged into the madness. "What was Daisy on about?" she asked. "Where's my food?"

Both twins giggled simultaneously. "I don't know," the one on the left said innocently. She was wearing a ruby play-dress that mirrored her sister's. It served to emphasise the birthmark on her cheek and to make identifying her more of a chore than it already was. "We haven't seen it." She looked to her sister, who did a horrid job of hiding a smirk. "Have we?"

"Nope," the second girl giggled, forgetting any pretence of innocence. "No sandwich here."

Did I even mention it was a sandwich?  "Are you B1 or B2?" she snapped at the first girl.

The girl blinked.

Dawn had more pressing issues than the fate of a sandwich. "How do you know about Lucas?" she said sharply, ignoring the conversation around her. Her face was a mask of disbelief. "Why were you talking to him, of all people?"

Cherry glared at her sister. "If you had bothered to listen to me yesterday, you'd already know, wouldn't you? Also, I thought you were a good girl?" She turned back to her primary antagonist. "What's your name? Which one are you?"

Comprehension dawned on the toddler's face. "Simone."

She couldn't remember for sure which one had been the ringleader yesterday, but she was relatively certain that it had been Simone. "Well, Simone," Cherry said with a thin smile. "How about I put it this way - either you cough up my sandwich, or I go tell Ms Bell that you're a thieving little shit that picks on little girls. I'm sure she'll appreciate being kept in the loop." She thought about that for a second, then added, "And don't think I won't tell her what you did to me yesterday, too. That really wasn't very nice."

The girl blinked.

"Enough. She has it under her chair," Dawn growled. She turned her irritation from her sister to Simone and gave the girl her best stink-eye. "Give Cherry her lunch, now, or I'll get Ms Bell myself."

Simone's smirk faded. "I don't have it," the not-so-cocky twin said in an uncertain voice that convinced no one. "Maybe - "

Dawn stood up with pursed lips. "Suit yourself," she said simply, and just like that she was off to find Ms Bell.

Suddenly, the twins were nervous. Cherry derived greater satisfaction from that than she probably should have. She was still sore over the way they'd treated her yesterday, let alone this new, stupid development. It was about time they got put in their place. "Look what you've done now," she said smugly. "You're gonna get in trouble."

It was Tyra that answered. "Tattletale," she muttered bleakly to no one in particular. The prospect of getting in trouble was visibly upsetting her. "Just give her the san'wich, Simmy."

"Tyra!" Simone gasped, foiled by her own sibling. "You can't - "

"I don' wanna spankin'," her sister whined. She looked close to tears. "Give it back."

The girls stared each other off for a long moment, until Simone at last huffed dramatically and fumbled around beneath her seat. Cherry's lunch resurfaced moments later. "Stupid dwarf," the girl muttered with as much venom as she could muster. From her tone you'd have thought Dawn was off murdering her puppy. "You're no fun."

"I'm not here to be a ball of fun," Cherry retorted, snatching the plastic bag containing her sandwich off the table. Yesterday, she'd had reflected on how sad it was that two guileless children could be raised to be so hateful; today, she was just annoyed. She had enough on her plate as it was. "And even if I was, you don't help yourself. It's no wonder you have no friends."

Daisy showed up not long after that, and after being reassured that everything had been sorted out internally, left again to care for Lucas slightly more exasperated than before. All three girls watched as Dawn climbed back into her seat, huffing and puffing as she struggled to drag her considerable girth into position. From the effort it took her, you'd have through the chair was sized for an Amazon. Cherry watched with a dark mixture of amusement and pity.

"What happened to you, anyway?" She probed after her sister had righted herself. She cast a critical eye over Dawn's misshapen body. "Lucas can't even walk, and he's still in better shape than you."

Dawn's expression put Simone's to shame. "And what is that meant to mean, exactly?"

"Well, you know..."

"Shut up," Dawn bristled. "I don't want to talk to you. I'm a good girl."

Maybe if you repeat that enough, I'll vanish in a puff of smoke, huh? "No problem, sis,” Cherry sighed. So much for being twenty-six.

"I'm not your sister."

She felt like she'd been slapped. "I'm...I'm not..."


Well, that hurt more than Cherry cared to admit."If you say so," she muttered, all the angst sapped from her with those four thorny words in the time it took to say them. This was the thanks she got? "Whatever helps you sleep at night, hey?"

"Shut up."


Talk around the table ceased after that, replaced by an awkward, uncomfortable tension that all four girls were well aware of. Cherry unhappily dug into her sandwich, forcing herself to ignore the girl that wasn't her sister and the mist that had inexplicably ensorcelled her eyes. What else could she do?


She was Van Gogh reborn. 

Cherry threw herself into her masterpiece with vigour that she'd have been hard pressed to summon yesterday. With no other alternative to distract herself from the world and her moody not-sister, she channeled all her attention and energy into her 'Starry Night' recreation. She started by touching up the body of the work she'd completed yesterday, and when she was happy with that, she turned to the stars she hadn't been able to create with her meagre palette of colours previously. She reached for the yellow paint...

...and stopped as a sudden thought occurred to her. She'd gone into her meeting with Lucas earlier expecting Dawn, but in that instant she realised that that had never been a possibility. The letter she'd woken up to after yesterday's nap time had been written in yellow paint.

They hadn't had yellow paint at their table. 

Cursing herself for her stupidity, she irritably took her brush in hand and began to work on her stars.

She was in a foul mood, and although Dawn was pointedly ignoring her existence, the twins were not. Both girls were working on their own pictures, but Cherry could see them sneaking glances at hers from the corner of her eye. 

"Whatcha painting?" Simone eventually piped up. 

Cherry looked up. "What does it look like?" she said, a little harsher than she'd intended. "It's Van Gogh." 

Tyra invited herself to the conversation. "Our big sister is a goth," she offered helpfully. She shook her head with seriousness beyond her years. "Daddy thinks it's silly." 

That was almost cute. "Not a goth," Cherry corrected with a sigh, momentarily setting aside her paintbrush. She looked herself over and realised her hands were stained yellow. Fantastic. "Van Gogh. You know, the painter?" 

"No," both girls said as one. 

She didn't know what she'd expected. "Well, that's your problem." She sneaked a glance at her sister. Dawn was hard at work painting her own masterpiece, a picture containing four rudimentary stick figures that could have been anyone. There was a short man and a short woman beside two even shorter girls, standing in front of a squat house with a picket fence. One of the girls was depicted with a circle for a torso instead of a stick. Beside the house there was a tree, littered with red splotches that could have been anything.

"What does vangoth paint?" 

Cherry tore her gaze from Dawn's curious painting. "Don't you have your own thing to worry about?" she said irritably. "You're too young for this conversation."

Tyra had the grace to look embarrassed, but Simone took the comment personally. Her face darkened. "Your painting is stupid, anyway," she sniffed haughtily as she returned to her painting. "Stupid dwarf."

Brat. "Pleasant little minx, aren't we?" Cherry rolled her eyes and turned to her sister for support. "Am I right or am I right?" 

"You're being horrible. Also, I'm not talking to you." 

Yeah, well, fuck you too. "Yes boss." 

That awkward silence returned to embrace the table like a long-lost lover, and it remained there for the rest of their painting session.   

Cherry's 'Starry Night' was as finished as it was ever going to be by the time Daisy returned at the end of the session. The giantess gushed and cooed over the twins' work, raised a curious eyebrow at Dawn's, and finally arrived at Cherry's. "How'd we go over here?" she asked. She sounded much happier than she had before as she ran an eye over the little's output. "I think your Mummy is going to be very happy with this painting, don't you?" 

The last thing Cherry wanted to think about right then was Sylvia. "I guess?" she acquiesced. She looked at her painting, and was forced to admit that the praise she was earning was a vast overstatement anyway. On one hand, it was the best thing she'd ever painted...but on the other, it was also the only thing she'd ever painted. She wouldn't be quitting her day job anytime soon. "It's okay."

Daisy hid a smile as she ruffled Cherry's hair in a manner that could only be described as condescending, and then turned to address the table at large. No point wasting time on praise we both know is bullshit, Cherry reflected bitterly to herself. "It's nap-time girls," the giantess announced grandly. She looked from face to face as she said, "So I think it'd be a good idea if we all went potty. We don't want any accidents, do we?"

It sounded like a great idea to the twins, and even Dawn nodded agreeably, but Cherry could think of very little she'd rather do less than go potty. Something must have shown on her face, because Simone began to giggle. "I think Cherry already had a potty acc'dent," she tittered, totally mis-interpreting whatever she'd seen of the little's dismay. "She's just a little baby in diapers, isn't she Ms Bell?" 

Tyra giggled along with her sister, and even Daisy cracked a small smile. Cherry glared at them all, unimpressed. "Maybe she did," the Amazon woman said conspiratorially. She looked down at her charge. "Should we check?"

Over my dead body. "No, you should not check," Cherry said flatly, crossing her arms. "It's bad enough you're gonna make me take a leak in front of you again, let alone - "

"I think we should check," Daisy said pleasantly over the top of her protests, and then her hands were around Cherry's waist, raising the hem of her dress. The little squeaked and tried to pull away, but against the giantess' superior strength, what could she do? Before she knew it, Daisy was cupping the front of her training panties. "You feel dry," the taller woman announced, as if it was ever in doubt. Her hand squeezed the padding between Cherry's legs, scant inches away from her privates. "But just to be sure..."

And then her cold, cold fingers were snaking through the leg-bands and probing around her naked crotch, touching parts of the little's body that she had no right to touch.

Cherry sat there, furious and humiliated.

"You're definitely not wet, although there's something else we'll need to take care of shortly," Daisy remarked dryly. She removed her hand and let the dress fall back into position and forced a plastic smile to her face. Cherry stared back, confused. What had she done now? "But we'll get to that later. Don't listen to Simmy here; you are a big girl, aren't you? You kept your panties clean!"

Calling them panties was overselling it. "Not as big as I'd like," Cherry answered stiffly, rearranging her dress in a vain attempt to retain some modicum of dignity. She wasn't sure if her rosy cheeks were the way they were because of rage or shame...although that throbbing vein on her forehead was rather telling. "Not even half as big."

"Well, I'd be getting used to that," Daisy commented with false cheer, seemingly unperturbed by the fact she'd just committed what amounted to sexual assault. She turned back to the group. "Who wants to potty first, then!"

Unsurprisingly, it was the twins.

"Those little brats," Cherry exploded as soon as Daisy had led them out of earshot. She turned to her sister, fuming like she'd never fumed before. Between Lucas abandoning her, Dawn disowning her and the constant jabs and baiting from the twins, she'd officially reached her breakpoint. She didn't think she could even remember the last time she was this mad. Spittle flew as she snarled, "They know I'm not a baby, they did that just to get my goat, you know they did."

"More than likely, yeah," Dawn agreed. She pointedly refused to look at her sister, instead opting to add some last minute touches to her painting. She dipped her brush in the green paint and said, "What do you expect? They're kids. Kids are horrible."

"Not the way these two are are," Cherry exclaimed vehemently. She slammed a clenched fist into the table, feeling her blood pulse inside it. The contents of the table rattled. "Not like them. It's not just today, you know, they were horrible to me yesterday too. They're racist, they're rude, they're vile, they're - "


Cherry gave an inarticulate cry of rage and lashed out; her hand connected with the jar of yellow paint. It spilled it all over the table and the twins' paintings.

Her fury evaporated in a heartbeat.

Oh my god.

She looked at the two paintings across the table, hoping that it wasn't too bad, that they could be saved, that she hadn't just done what she'd thought she'd done...but even from where she sat she could see that that wasn’t the case. Both papers were a yellow ruin.

Daisy's going to skin me alive, she realised, wide-eyed and horrified.

For a moment, neither girl said anything as the gravity of the situation dawned on them, until at last Dawn began to laugh. It was the first time Cherry had heard that sound in over a year. "Look what you've done now," she said between guffaws. "Oh Cherry, you are one clusterfuck of a hero, aren't you?"

"I didn't mean to - " she began, mortified, unable to tear her eyes from Simone and Tyra's spoiled work.

"No, but you did, and you can't take it back, can you?" Dawn shook her head, still grinning as her laughter tapered off to erratic chuckles. Her plump cheeks had dimples as she said, "Man, that's gold. Literally."

"But - "

"I'm going to talk to you like a big girl just this one time, okay?" Dawn smiled. She turned back to her artwork again and began to paint a dress onto the thinner of the two short girls. It was a brilliant green. "You’re exactly like I remember you, so I think it’s safe to say you’re not here on Evie’s terms. You need to hear a little something. Stop me if you feel I'm not being fair, okay?"

"You've come with guns blazing into a situation you very clearly haven't bothered to research at all. You haven't bothered to think that you could very easily be making things worse for the people you're trying to help. You've fought tooth and nail the whole way for no good reason beyond maintaining your precious pride and spiting the woman who has complete control of your life. Right?"

So she was being read the riot act. Cherry shifted uncomfortably. "Well, when you put it like that...what's your point?"

Dawn wasn't done. "You've verbally abused little girls who don't know any better because you're annoyed at me, and now you've gone and ruined their paintings. The paintings they've slaved over for two entire days." The cheer in her voice abruptly faded, and suddenly she was angry, angrier than Cherry could recall seeing her. Her cheeks were flushed as she continued, "They were probably thrilled to show it off to their parents, get it hung on the fridge and have smoke blown up their ass...and now, because some egotistical little has decided it's her prerogative to be a schizoid, smart-ass bitch, that's not going happen. You've ruined a good thing for them, and probably earned yourself a spanking in the process."

She span to look at her sister, and her eyes were like chips of coal. "You window-licking idiot," Dawn hissed. "I don't care how mad you are, or how much they 'get your goat;' you don't have the right to take it out little kids! They're little kids!"

How could she possibly defend those monsters? Gaping, Cherry spluttered, "What are you...sis, you saw it happen, you saw it was an accident, what are you - "

"Yes, it was an accident. And why did that accident happen?" She didn't wait for an answer. "Because you're arrogant and proud and you let every stupid little thing get to you, to the point you'd rather abuse little girls and risk your sister's life than admit you're being a dick. You need to face the music, Cherry. You're a little in a world of giants; your pride doesn't have a place here."

Cherry was at a loss for words, and she sat there quietly as her sister awkwardly hopped out of her seat. "I have to potty," Dawn said bluntly. "So if you'll excuse me, I'll go do that and be a good girl for the both of us."

And then she was gone, waddling away after Daisy and the twins. Cherry could only watch her go, her sister's words bouncing around the inside of her skull with the frenetic energy of a pinball machine.

But...I didn't mean...

Her eyes once again flicked to the yellow travesties that had been Simone and Tyra's paintings. Had she really been too pig-headed to see what she was doing?

Does it matter? Her inner voice piped up hatefully. They deserve it. They wrecked your sandcastles yesterday. 

But they didn't. No kid deserved what Cherry had said and done to Tyra and Simone, regardless of how bratty they'd been. Dawn was right, they were kids; they were meant to be bratty.

And they were just sandcastles.

Cherry suddenly felt very small, very sad, and very guilty. So much for learning her lesson yesterday.

She'd screwed up.

"I'm sorry," she whispered to no one in particular, staring at the product of her wrath.

So it was that Tyra and Simone found her slumped dejectedly over the table amidst spilled paint, ruined artwork and a sizeable pool of self-loathing.

"I'm sorry," she repeated for her audience's benefit, feeling her heart sink as the girls noticed what had become of their hard work. "It was an accident."

"My painting!" the one on the left gasped. Cherry didn't know which one it was; she'd lost her reference point when they'd left their seats. Her eyes welled up with tears and began to leak crystalline waterfalls. "You wrecked my painting!"  

"I'm sorry," Cherry said a third time. She meant it. She felt terrible. "I didn't mean to wreck it," she began weakly. "My hand...slipped, and I - "

The girl abruptly burst into the tears, complete with shrill, full-lung wails that pierced Cherry's heart as much as her ear-drums. Heads began to turn and the general thrum of conversation throughout the room died down as the girl turned tail and ran back to the bathroom, no doubt in search of Daisy. She vanished out of sight through the doorway.

All eyes turned to Cherry. The room was dead silent.

She'd never hated herself as much as she did in that moment. Cherry sank into her seat, hoping to evade the detection of a room's worth of curious little kids. What had compelled her to get so worked up over a toddler's ribbing, of all things? How stupid could you be?

Her hopes of remaining inconspicuous were in vain. "Stupid dwarf," the other twin snapped, banishing any doubt as to who the villain was in the minds of the onlookers. Cherry turned to her - Simone, surely - and cringed at the black look on her face. The girl looked ready to slap her. "What was that for, huh?" The girl exclaimed, furious rather than upset. She took a threatening step towards Cherry. "I made that for my Daddy!"

Rub it in some more, please. "I know." Cherry shrugged miserably, at a loss as to how to help. "Simone, I'm sorry, I didn't mean - "

"Ms Bell!" Simone shrieked, and then she went running after her sister. "The dwarf messed up my painting!" 

And then Daisy was there.

"Cherry. Smith." The giantess glowered, eyeing the yellow morass that had once been art with naked shock. "I know you've had some trouble fitting in, but this...I never would have expected this from you."

"It was an accident," Cherry said honestly.

Daisy's hands found her hips. Simone and Tyra glared at the little from behind with wet, red eyes. "You're in enough trouble as it is," she said flatly. "Don't you dare lie to me, How could you, Cherry? How could you?"

This wasn’t going to end well. Cherry hastily rose to her feet, slipping out of her seat to plead her case. "Really, Dais - Ms Bell, I didn't mean to, it was an accident and I'm sorry. You have to - "

"Save your breath," Daisy snapped. She closed the gap between them and hoisted an unprepared Cherry into her arms and onto her hip. Bracing the little against herself, she pushed past the twins and began the short trek back to the bathroom. "I've had enough of your rubbish," she bristled. "You've got away with too much for too long. It's time you were taught some manners, little girl." There was a nanny-bot waiting by the front door, and as they passed by the giantess snapped over her shoulder, "You, go see if you can salvage those paintings. I'm not sending those girls home empty handed if I can help it."

Daisy swept into the bathroom like a hurricane, throwing the door open with enough force to have it ricochet off the wall behind it. Dawn was standing by the sink, and she looked up at the sound, startled. "Ms Bell," she began innocently. "I went potty like you said, I made it, I was just - "

Her simpering fell on deaf ears. "Out," Daisy ordered impatiently. "Your friend here needed a spanking yesterday."

Dawn was the last person to disobey a direct order from a grown-up, and sure enough she hurried to comply in record time. Cherry tried to catch her eye on the way out, but her sister was having none of it. She fled the scene with a poker face that would have made a jar of dirt proud.

The rant began the instant the door swung shut.

"Never in all my years of working with children have I come across a little quite as pig-headed as yourself, Cherry," the giantess proclaimed. She marched across the room to the toilets, where she carefully sat down whilst also setting Cherry on her feet before her. She towered over the little even when she was seated. "Let's ignore what you just did to those poor girls for a moment and look at why you did it, okay?"

"You stroll into my daycare like you own the place, abusing me and the children in my care, and why? For what? Because someone, somewhere, finally saw you for what you were and put you where you belong, and you can't accept that? You're a little, Cherry, a little. This is where you belong. Your kind can't be trusted to act like responsible adults, and if there was ever any doubt, I think you just proved it, didn't you?"

This was sounding awfully familiar. "It was an accident," she whispered for the nth time. Daisy's face was inches from her own, a scowling mask of contempt. She trembled in place, suddenly acutely frightened. "I swear, I didn't mean to - "

"Somehow, I don't believe that." Daisy's face was stony. "Not after everything you've said and done since you walked through the front door. Now, I told you I'd spank the daylights out of you if you acted up, and here we are. I should have done this the second you slapped me yesterday - God knows I've let you run your tongue for long enough. Take off your dress, Cherry."

Cherry felt her heart leap into her throat. "But - "

"We do not talk back to our elders," Daisy growled, and suddenly she was clawing at the little's dress. "Bad girl. Learn your place."

"No!" Cherry squealed, trying to step back to safety, but it was futile. She was tiny, and Daisy was Daisy. In seconds, she was standing there on the bathroom floor naked but for her pull-ups, her socks and her shoes. She blushed furiously as the giantess carelessly threw the dress away into the corner of the room, trying to hide her breasts with one hand and her underwear with the other. It had been an accident, an honest mistake, did she really deserve -

"You are a little girl, and little girls do not have any modesty," Daisy snapped, even as a little voice in her head whispered that yes, she did deserve this. She ripped Cherry's hands away from her body and forced them to her sides, pinning them there with her own. "Do you understand? If a grown-up decides to undress you, you will not try and cover yourself. Ever. Under any circumstances."

"Yes," Cherry whimpered, staring into her companion's furious eyes through a haze of unfallen tears.

"Yes what?" Suddenly Daisy's right hand was behind her and raining vicious blows upon her backside. Cherry shrieked and danced away, prancing left and right, but there was nowhere to go, and the Amazon was still holding her in place with her left hand. "I want to hear you say it, the whole thing. What are you? What won't you do?"

"Yes Ms Bell!" Cherry heard herself shriek, and then she was crying, crying herself hoarse like she never had before. She felt her tears leaking onto her naked breast, feeling the warmth on her exposed skin. "I'm a...I'm a little girl! I won't try and cover myself!"

"That's what I thought," Daisy said grimly, and she released her hold on the mortified little. Cherry forced her hands to stay at her sides, feeling nakeder than naked as the giantess' eyes ran over her exposed body. This is what it feels like to be an animal in a zoo, she thought to herself, borderline hysterical. This is what it's - 

"It's not like you have much to hide, anyway." Daisy reached out and squeezed Cherry's nipple, eliciting a horrified yelp from her victim. "You don't have much to boast about here as it is, do you?"

"No Ms Bell," she moaned, hating herself as she looked down at her breasts. Her breast size was nothing to scoff at. Was she really going to have that taken away from her to? "I don't have much to boast about."

"And why not?"

"Because...I'm a little girl," Cherry answered miserably. She looked down at the floor, trying to breathe normally and failing. "I'm just a little girl."

"That's right. You are," Daisy agreed...and then her hands were at Cherry's waist, ripping the sides of her training panties and leaving her bare-assed. Before Cherry could process the fact that she was as good as naked, the remains of her underwear had gone the way of her dress. "Up we go," the giantess said, and then she was airborne, coming to a rest over Daisy's lap.

"I think twenty-five sounds fair, don't you?" she heard her caretaker say loftily from somewhere above her. All she could see was the floor beneath her. The tiles before her eyes were a faded blue with cracks like cobwebs running through them. "What do you think?"

"I think twenty-five sounds grand," Cherry agreed in a choked voice. If she went along with it, would this be over quicker?

It wouldn't. "You're a little girl. What you think doesn't matter," Daisy retorted dismissively, resting her hand on the little's bare behind. "We'll make it an even forty for thinking your opinion counts for something, okay?" She began immediately, raining blows hard and fast on the little's naked backside with an intensity that underscored her frustrations of the last forty-eight hours. Pain erupted across Cherry's bottom and upper thighs, and she yelped in surprise. She'd expected it to hurt, but...Christ, that hurt! "The more the merrier, and just think - by the end of this, you still won't be half as upset as those poor girls are over their paintings."

Cherry wasn't quite so sure about that - her backside was throbbing, and they'd only just begun - but she held her tongue. Don't cry out, she whispered to herself. She gritted her teeth and mentally braced herself. Don't give her the pleasure. 

She was strong up until number fifteen.


Sixteen. A tear slipped from her eye and fell to its inevitable doom, splattering on the tiles beneath her.


Seventeen. She was whimpering. When did she start whimpering?


Eighteen. "Please," she heard her tongue say on its own volition. "Please, Ms Bell, stop, I'll be a good girl, you don't have to - "


Nineteen, and she broke.

Make it stop make it stop Make It Stop MAKE IT STOP

It was a burn that defied description, raging across her lower extremities without mercy or comparison, and suddenly she was blabbering like a baby, wailing and pleading in a shrill tone she couldn't begin to recognise as her own. She couldn't even see the floor through the abrupt deluge of her own tears, and she didn't know what was louder; the sound of skin on skin or her own howls. She writhed and twisted in Daisy's lap, trying with all might to pull free and crying all the while, but it was no use - the giantess was too strong.

"Let me go!" she cried. "Please, I'll be a good girl, I'm sorry!"

Daisy was deaf to her pleas.


The spanking went on and on and on and on. Time passed in a blur of pain and shame.

Eventually, though, Cherry realised that the only sound in the room was her own wailing. The sound of Daisy's hand colliding with her backside had ceased; all that was left was her own pathetic grovelling. She looked up, her face like melting snow. " it over?" she sniffled, struggling to control her runaway emotions.

"It's over," Daisy answered flatly. She didn't look impressed. "That's forty. Are you going to be a good girl now?" She began to rub Cherry's blushing derriere, as if to remind her just what was at stake if she didn't co-operate. Cherry trembled at the touch, and she realised she was crying again. She was totally at this horrible woman's mercy; she'd never felt so powerless. "If not, I'm perfectly happy to go another forty. I do love this shade of pink you've got going on."

If Daisy had asked her then to perform a naked re-enactment of My Little Teapot, Cherry would have promptly removed her socks and starting pouring tea. She nodded, boneless over the giantess' lap. "I'll be a good girl, Ms Bell," she heard herself rushing to promise, seemingly from across a vast distance. Just no more spankings, please God. "I'll be a good girl."

She could almost feel the warmth of Daisy's smile on her back. Cherry hated her for it. Hated herself for deserving it. "That's what I thought. Now, there's just one more thing we need to take care of, and then I'll get some cream for your poor bottom, okay?"

Anything, Cherry thought weakly as she was taken under the arms and lifted through the air, naked as the day she was born beside her socks and her shoes. She unconsciously crossed her legs to preserve what little modesty she had left...before remembering that little girls had no modesty, and hurried to uncross them in case it set Daisy off again. Anything.

There was a fold-out changing table built into the side wall, and Cherry found herself lowered onto it the moment Daisy had it out. "Don't move," Daisy warned, looking the little up and down where she lay. "Just stay there on your back, okay? I'll be right back."

"Yes Ms Bell," Cherry agreed miserably, wincing as her backside met the hard plastic of the table. Where was she going to go, anyway? If she tried to get down she'd likely kill herself, the floor was miles away. She dug the balls of her feet into the tabletop and raised her butt ever so slightly, just to keep it airborne and pain-free. It meant that she was also presenting her womanly parts for Daisy's inspection, but right then that hardly seemed to matter. "I'll be here."

Daisy smiled.

The giantess left and returned in record time, and when she came back she was holding a razor and a can of shaving cream. Cherry felt the blood leave her face at the sight. She'd completely forgotten. "I told you to get rid of that yesterday," Daisy told the chastised little, nodding between Cherry's legs. They both looked down at the unruly pubic hair that flowered there. "How many little girls have hair down there, Cherry?"

Not that. Please. "None, Ms Bell," she said in spite of herself, too upset to put up a fight.

"Correct," Daisy agreed with a small smile. She was all smiles now that she'd got her way. The giantess reached out and gently stroked Cherry's thigh, a gesture that was doubtlessly meant to be reassuring but struck Cherry as lecherous. She wanted nothing more than to flinch away, but she forced herself to stay still and endure that horribly invasive touch. She was finally beginning to understand what she'd needed to understand all along - she was a little in a world of giants. Daisy's face looming over her only served to underscore that. What was the point of fighting? She was a little, and littles always came out second-best if they weren't crafty.

She hadn't been being crafty.

"Spread your legs, sweetheart," Daisy prompted. "This will only take a moment."

She just wished she'd got the memo sooner, before she'd said and done what she had. Those poor girls. She couldn’t believe she’d done what she’d done.

No, but you did, and you can’t take it back, can you?

Cherry lay back properly and spread her legs as far as she could, exposing herself in a manner that could only be described as lewd. "Yes, Ms Bell," she whispered, and then Daisy's hands were all over her.

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