Tuesday, 30 December 2014

4 - Always Have A Reason (Picture Story)

"You always have a reason!" Erin growled. A vein twitched beneath her hairline as she shook her head. It throbbed purple like a storm cloud. "Always. Don't tell me I was in the bathroom too long! You're twenty-seven! There are three year olds who can control their bladder better than you!"

She let go of her sister's skirt and stepped away, which proved to be all the motivation Sophia needed to scramble back to safety. The chastised girl refused to make eye contact with her sister-turned- flat-mate as she hastily re-arranged her clothes, apparently having suddenly discovered that her own knee-socks were the most fascinating thing in the world. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled. Just like she always did. “It was just an accident.”

Erin rolled her eyes.

Only a month ago, the ridiculous 'snap' of the elastic waistband as it rebounded into her sister's skin would have made Erin smile. Having to check your older sister's training panties understandably had quite a novelty factor. Sophia had bullied her younger sibling mercilessly for wetting the bed when they were younger, and Erin derived no small amount of enjoyment seeing her reap her just desserts at last. It sounded cruel, even to her own ears, but it was true. The stupid girl just couldn't keep herself dry after the accident at the lab, and she had no intention of letting a situation like this pass her by without finally serving her revenge. It was about time Sophia got the memo that she wasn’t top shit. It was awesome, in a word.

That had been at first. Countless accidents on, though, and she was down to not much more than frustration and exhaustion. The novelty probably wouldn't ever disappear entirely, but it had certainly lessened a little bit. Sophia was still her sister, and it was still Sophia's piss-soaked undergarments.

"Always," she repeated, exasperated. "Remember when you peed on the rug, before we got you into some more appropriate underwear? Just like a fucking puppy. ‘I was so into the show’ is not a valid reason to ruin whatever you’re sitting on. You know what kind of a person has an accident like that? A baby does, Sophie, a baby

Sophia hesitated, wringing her hands restlessly and looking for an out. "Erin, I'm sorry, I'm so - "

"Or how about the time we went out for dinner and you pissed yourself right there in the restaurant?” Erin tisked dramatically and forced a scowl to her face. “ Remember how we had to sneak out before anyone notice the freaking puddle beneath the table? What did you have to say for yourself then, hmm? 'I'm sorry, I didn't realise I’d had so much to drink, won't happen again?"

"But you know - "

"Or how about the first day you wore your pull-ups," Erin interrupted mercilessly. She was enjoying this, in spite of herself, and wasn't about to stop just yet. "Your skirt blew up at the mall, and all those twelve year olds got a glimpse of Dora the Explorer on your butt and thought it was the funniest thing ever. You turned around and screamed at them how it was all for a dare. That you didn't actually need them."

"Do you really expect me to - "

"You. Always. Have. A. Reason," she finished, spitting every word with as much venom as she could muster. How genuine it was, she wasn't sure herself. "Yes, I do expect you to. I'm not letting you weasel out of the fact that you piss yourself like a baby. How about you take some responsibility for once, hmmm?"

"Erin, you know I can't help it." Her older sister was nearly in tears. "There was that radiation leak at the lab...and ever since then, I...I can't..."

"I don't give a flying fuck what your excuse is. Fact is, you can't be trusted to keep your panties - I'm sorry, your pull-ups, dry. You can't be trusted to know that they're not dry. And because of that, you leak all over the apartment that I pay for as much as you do. Do you think I like finding puddles of your piss in the fucking kitchen? Where we eat? I have to check you constantly to stop that from happening, and even then I still have to pray I get to you before you leak."

Sophia was legitimately crying now; her eyes had swollen up like grapefruits, red-rimmed and spilling tears down her rosy cheeks. "I'm sorry," she repeated in little more than a whisper. "Please, Erin. I mean it. Stop, I'll do better, I know I can, I can - "

Erin shook her head. "Your pull-ups aren't good enough," she went on. "Just think, if I hadn't have checked you just then you would have leaked all over your mattress, and then you would have been fucked; nowhere to sleep, and you'd have broken the tenancy agreement. No, pull-ups were a failure. You had your chance, and now we're getting you some diapers, ok? That way even if I don't get to you fast enough, you're not going to ruin more of the furniture."

"Erin," Sophia gasped out of shock horror as much as the exertion of talking through borderline hysteria. "You can't. No. No. I'll see a doctor, I'll pay the full rent for a month, whatever, you can't expect me to - "

"Well until you do both of those things, you can wear diapers. The proper tape-on kind,” Erin concluded smugly. She hoped it didn't show. “We'll get some tonight while we're out shopping, okay? I'm sure they stock some at the pharmacist; after all, pissing yourself uncontrollably is quite common in the late-20s age bracket, right? Shouldn’t be an issue finding them."

With that, poor Sophia finally reached her breaking point and collapsed down onto her bed, sobbing uncontrollably into her hands in great, wet gales. Her hair clung to the dampness of her face like shower curtains, and Erin had the grotesque impression of a five year old at the tail end of a temper tantrum, when the shouts weren't working and they were down to the tears. She supposed it wasn't entirely inaccurate, considering the circumstances.

Regardless, Erin felt a moment of sympathy. She hesitated. Sure, her sister had bullied her once upon a time...but that was once upon a time, right? Was she maybe going too far with this? Maybe just a little?

She was pondering this question when she noticed the pee leaking from under her sister's skirt, running down her bare legs like a lazy, slow-moving river and darkening the top of her socks...

...and the bedsheets beneath, too.

Her moment of sympathy ended. Nope. She could do a stint in diapers, and maybe then it would be enough. Serves her right, peeing on whatever she was sitting on and then lying to justify it. Serves her right, the self-obsessed bitch.

Teach you to mock a little girl for wetting the bed.           

No more reasons, Erin thought with a slight smile, watching her sister bawl her eyes out. She briefly tried to hide it, then decided she didn't care. Let her know she was enjoying this. It'd only make her feel worse, and God knew she deserved it. No more reasons. 

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