Sunday, 19 October 2014

1 - Mother Knows Best (Picture Story)

She had been doing so well, but even as she entered the home stretch, she felt her gut sink with the realisation that she just wasn’t going to make it.

“Now you be careful around those college girls, Caroline Patterson!” her mother had warned her before she left. “Good for nothing troublemakers, the lot of them. I know it’s too late for me to change your mind, but…be careful, ok? You've heard the horror stories on the news as much as I have. If they ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, you get out of there and - ”

“Yes mum,” Caroline had rolled her eyes with a sigh. She’d heard this very same rant a million times ever since she had told her parents she intended to join a sorority when she arrived at campus. They only saw the potential for trouble in such a decision – she saw the potential for good company that would last her entire stay at college. The paranoia irritated the nineteen year old to no end. Really, what could go wrong? It wasn't as if there was a cult of rapists and murderers lurking within the halls of every college in the country. The horror stories her mother was referring could hardly be the norm. It was ridiculous. She’d be fine.

Gamma Phi was one of three sororities housed on campus, and it seemed clean-cut enough. It was this fact that had appealed to Caroline when she first began looking around for a place to apply at. Unfortunately, they had the (admittedly odd) policy of only accepting only a single first-year student per semester. When Caroline had arrived at the first of the scheduled introductory meetings, there had been seven applicants. Over the weeks, this number had been whittled down to just two, herself and another girl named Sarah, via a variety of hazings ranging from hands-free eating contests to being a maid around the building - in other words, activities that were all in good fun and encouraged the development of lasting relationships. Exactly as it should be and nothing at all like her mother had feared.

The initiation process was structured like a contest; each contestant earned points each round, and whoever had the least points at the end was eliminated from the running. She’d done incredibly well so far, and hadn't been all that put off by the contests…but tonight was different. For a few reasons.

One, the previous hazings had been bearable. A little embarrassing, maybe, but certainly bearable.

Two, she had won all of those easily.

Tonight, one of those already wasn't applicable, and the second was beginning to look that way too.

Even as she burst through the front door, free at last of the torrential rain, Caroline cursed herself for ever agreeing to continue the induction process after having the details of the next, penultimate challenge explained to her. At the time, it had seemed easy enough; the two remaining girls had been given a list of riddles, each cryptically referring to a building on campus. They simply had to work out each riddle (there had been five) and visit each location, where a sorority member would be waiting to sign off on their list. Whoever got back to home base first won.

Of course, though, there had been a catch, and quite a confounding one at that - they had been forced to drink a glass of water laced with diuretics before the race began.

“Now I know this is a little weird,” Amelia had admitted as she passed each girl their drink. She was a short, chubby girl with wire-frame glasses and thick hair dyed a vibrant purple; she was the one in charge of their initiation, and was someone of importance on a couple of university committees. She'd quite proudly told the assembled initiates on day one that she was the editor of the University newsletter, for example. “It’s weird, but, hey – you’ve gotta prove your commitment to the cause somehow, don’t you?”

“Neither of you will be eliminated this round – you’re just earning points, and those will be added to whatever you score on the grand finale. If you wet yourself at any time during this challenge, though, you’re going to have a handicap next time. That's totally unrelated to winning and losing this round, it just means you're going to find a roadblock on the next one. We’re not going to tell you what that means just yet…but trust me. You won’t enjoy it. We’ll know if you stop into a toilet along the way, too – don’t think we won’t be watching your progress.”

She had winked, then in the pretentious manner that many artsy young adults seem to unconsciously exude, put her own little spin on George Orwell. “Don’t forget, first-years - Big Sister is always watching. Consider it extra motivation to figure these out fast.”

Except Caroline hadnt figured them out particularly fast, and even as she hung her coat up to dry on the pegs by the door and hurried into the Gamma Phi living area (where she knew Amelia was waiting for her arrival), her throbbing, over-burdened bladder was telling her that regardless of whether or not she had beat Sarah back, she just wasn't going to make it to the toilet in time. 

“Caroline!” Amelia greeted the flustered girl as she hurried across the room. Caroline’s face was twisted into an ugly grimace of pain from her desperate need to pee, and she felt her cheeks blush at the thought that Amelia must surely be able to see her struggle clear as day on her face. Jesus, she must look like a three year old. “You did it! Sarah’s still stuck on the third one, can you believe it? It looks like you – ”

Caroline shoved her completed list into the shorter girl’s hands. “I need to pee,” she muttered, embarrassed. She couldn't look the violet-haired teen in the eye. “I’m done, see! Can I go now?” Unconsciously, she began to jig on the spot, her hands instantly digging into her crotch now that they were free to do so. “Please. I’m desperate.”

Amelia smirked at the sight, but quickly turned her face away from Caroline to examine the list. The struggling girl felt a flush of irritation at the expression. “Looks like everything is in order, so…yes, you may,” she said smugly. “Hurry now! The challenge technically isn't over till Sarah gets back...”


The potty-dancing teenager understood the implication of that instantly and felt her heart skip a beat. A strangled whine slipped out from behind her pursed lips as she turned and hobbled away. There was a toilet only twenty steps away, on the other side of the room. She had waited all day, she could last another –

Warmth. Splurting warmth.

“Noooooo,” she moaned through gritted teeth as she awkwardly waddled on, feeling dampness on her fingertips. She was so close, she couldn't piss herself, she just couldn't. She wouldn't.

The bathroom door hit the adjacent wall with a bang as she threw it open, and without pausing to shut it behind her Caroline tore her jeans down around her ankles. Hope flared up dramatically inside her as she saw the minimal damage done to her underwear – she had only peed a little, it just a small spot, Amelia would forgive her, surely. She was so close now, she was going to make it, she was going to win, damn it!

She was preparing to remove her underwear, body poised to launch itself onto the toilet, when she felt her bladder twinge agonisingly one last time…and she finally lost the battle.

She had waited too long and pushed her poor bladder too far; her muscles finally gave up entirely on trying to hold it in, and suddenly she was peeing. With a little shriek, she crossed her legs and tried with all her might to regain control, but she just couldn’t. Her underwear immediately darkened tellingly, and the stream began to run down her legs, puddling on the floor beneath her in a rapidly spreading yellow pool. She helplessly looked on at the toilet only a meter away from her. An inhuman moan escaped her. She had been so close.

“So close, dear,” a voice behind her agreed, unknowingly echoing her thoughts. “So very, very close.”

She began to cry. 

Sarah hadnt peed.

The tan-haired girl laughed awkwardly as she waited with her furiously blushing rival for Amelia to arrive. “I'm sorry,” she said between giggles. “Really, I am. I’m just glad it’s you and not me.”

“Shut it,” Caroline muttered self-consciously, wanting the floor to swallow her whole. Sarah seemed like a nice enough girl, and her jibs were all believably in good nature, but that did nothing to ease the shame.

Following the last test on the Saturday night, both girls had been instructed to arrive at the sorority house’s infirmary and wait there for Amelia on Monday morning before classes started. That was nothing of note in itself, but there was also the disclaimer that they were to wait there in nothing but their underwear – why they were doing that, they hadn’t been told. It wasn’t exactly something that Caroline was entirely comfortable with, but she had shrugged it off regardless. So another girl would see her in her underthings. Big deal. It was a small price to pay.

The ghost of her mother’s warning tickled her ears, but she ignored it. She wasn’t going to let someone seeing her undressed stop her. The last challenge had been a little weird, and this one was off to a slightly bizarre start...but no one was getting hurt. Nothing to run crying home about, especially when she was ahead on the leader board and looking like she was going to be the next member of Gamma Phi.

She'd arrived before Sarah did, and when she entered the room she had been feeling confident that everything was going to be ok…at least, she had until she saw the green shopping bag waiting on the bed, a piece of paper folded beside it. On the back and facing upwards, her name had been written in a glittery purple font. Noticing that there wasn’t one there for Sarah as well, Caroline felt her heart sink. This must be her handicap. Nerves suddenly racing, she picked it up and unfolded it. 

Caroline, it simply read. This is your handicap.  

She opened the bag...and groaned. 

"Really?" she whispered to herself. "Really?"


“It’s quite simple,” Amelia bubbled pleasantly. Both girls stood side by side in front of her, dressed only in their underwear – one in her plain grey panties and bra, one in her spotted pink pull-up and hideously juvenile undershirt. Caroline tried not to think of her ridiculous outfit while Amelia explained their last trial. She thought she might die if she did. “You both know Mark, I’m sure? He’s a science major. Clever guy. The Grand Finale of your initiation here at Gamma Phi is this: both of you are going to try and score a date with this guy. The first one to come back from their date wins and becomes an official member of the sorority.”

She turned her attention to Caroline, who felt her blush deepen and immediately averted her gaze. “Thank you for getting dressed without complaint,” she said. There was a cold twinkle in her eyes, as if she was taking great pleasure in seeing her underling squirm. Not for the first time, Caroline found herself overwhelmed by a deep sense of dislike for the girl. “I understand it’s embarrassing, but it’s all part of the experience.”

She paused, then went on. “You have some additional guidelines that Sarah doesn’t,” she added. She glanced down at Caroline’s 'choice' of undergarments, causing the girl to shift uncomfortably, and smirked. There was a very cruel undertone to the expression that Caroline didn't care for in the slightest. “Your handicap.”

“Firstly, you are to be back at home base by eight o clock each and every night. There is absolutely no lee-way with this curfew. You are to be here by eight and you are to be in bed by eight thirty.”

Caroline nodded listlessly. No late night dates. Whatever.

“Secondly, your…ahem, underwear. As you might imagine, little girls who still need training panties often have issues making it to the potty. They might have accidents, and they might need help making it to the potty. You need training panties…so this must apply to you, mustn’t it? From now until the end of this round, all of your drinks are going to contain the same diuretic you had the other night – and when you feel the need to pee, you need to ask a Gamma Phi sister to take you. If you go to the toilet by yourself, you’re instantly disqualified.”

"Finally - if you happen to actually use your pull up, your handicap is going to get worse, and it will keep getting worse if you use it again after that. That's all I'll say on that for now."

She winked at the padded girl in front of her, a gesture that was probably meant to be playful but was entirely one sided. “Got it?”

Caroline gaped wordlessly for a moment. "You can't be serious," she choked out when she finally located her tongue. She cast a horrified glance down to her brightly-coloured, absorbent underwear. She was stuck in this...this...thing? She was being drugged to maybe even need it? She'd just been demoted to a toddler. "You're joking, right?" 

It was crystal clear that she wasn't, though. Amelia elected not to answer - her grin said it all.

"Fine, whatever," Caroline muttered dully. She didn't like it, at all, and was suddenly, acutely aware that this was well and truly along the lines of what her mother had feared would come of her application to Gamma Phi. Maybe not quite what she feared - after all, the real embarrassment could be avoided entirely if she was fast enough, but definitely close enough. She'd just have to ensure she scored a date quickly so it was over before she had to pee and degrade herself by begging someone to help her.

Her glance settled on Sarah's undressed body - more specifically the much-more-mature underwear that adorned it.

"So why is she in her underwear?” she asked .“Did she really need to be undressed? Did either of us really need to be?”

Amelia's grin widened. “So you can see what you’re up against,” she answered.

Caroline felt her mouth tighten. Really? She was standing here in a toddler's pull up for literally no reason other than to have two people (who were little more than strangers) stare at her and make her feel two feet tall?

She was ready to make a not-so-nice comment to her tormentor, but the tormentor in question abruptly took her leave at that moment. “That's it for the prep-talk, girls!" Amelia declared happily. She patted Caroline playfully on the head, inspiring the girl to flinch away. Unphased, she continued, "Get dressed and get going! You don’t want to waste any time, do you?”

"S'pose not," Caroline grunted unhappily.

Amelia smiled.

With that, the chubby girl waved lazily at the pair and left the room, leaving the two prospective sorority members to stare at each other and wonder just what they had got themselves into.

Damien was her "Daddy" for what was left of her initiation. She was introduced to him shortly after Amelia's speech ended - the purple-haired girl left, and only moments after Sarah and Caroline had finished re-dressing themselves, he appeared in the doorway.

"I like this is a little as you do," was his opening line to her, uttered behind her back even before he  introduced himself. She spun around on the spot with a surprised yelp to see him in the doorway, a total stranger, looking her in the eye with an expression of discomfort plastered on his face. "But Amelia has put me in charge of looking after know, your...thing. If you need know, do your thing, tell me, and we'll work it out, ok?"

Caroline could have died, and she saw Sarah blush on her behalf.

"Do you need to go before we leave?" he asked her awkwardly. Sarah covered her mouth to hide an unbidden giggle.

"No," Caroline retorted, fed up with the little-girl treatment even before it had really started. "Just give me my cocktail of drugs and let's go."

He soon after introduced himself as Amelia's boyfriend; he was (grudgingly) doing her a favour. For a short while afterwards, Caroline wondered why he had been chosen to take care of her instead of another sorority member, preferably one with distinctively girly bits. Surely that would make more sense? It didn't take her long to work out, though, and she felt herself flush with frustration when she did - Amelia was milking her discomfort. Why hadn't that been immediately obvious?

You'vbeen blinded by how badly you want to get in, she thought bitterly to herself. Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. 

It was quickly followed by a less depressing thought, though.

But she's not doing it to make me feel like shit, she suddenly realised. She's testing me, she has to be. She's trying to make me break and give up.  

That was her job, after all. To see who was dedicated to the idea of being in the sorority and who was not. It made sense - she wasn't actually a bitch. It was a test!

If Caroline put up with it, it had to look good on her character profile, didn't it?

The thought filled her with new determination, and she boldly hurried on to find her target.


That was all fine and well, but unfortunately, all the resolve in the world couldn't change the fact that as much as she may want to prove Amelia wrong, she had been drugged and her own bladder was working against her. 

Damien fixed her a glass of diuretic-laced lemonade, and then she hurried off to find Mark the Science Major, fully intending to at least introduce herself before her first class of the day. They were in two or three of the same classes, and although she had never spoken a word to him before in her life, Caroline knew him by sight and figured he'd be lurking somewhere in the Science department, preparing for the 9.00am-11.00am lectures in half an hour. 

It all seemed logical and easy enough. Very briefly, she felt a surge of confidence. Padded panties weren't going to stop her, no! She was going to win this damned competition before they could wreck any hope she had!

She made it as far as the end of the street, her 'Daddy' a step behind, when the need to pee overcome her all at once.

She almost made it. Almost.

Forgetting that she was meant to to ask for permission and help out of sheer panic, she squeaked in fear and instantly fled through the door of the nearest building, pushing past people in a sudden and desperate bid to find a bathroom. She couldn't wet herself again, she just couldn't. The first time had been bad enough; she refused to suffer that particular indignity for a second time. Damien recovered a moment after, and with a shout and a curse he was sprinting after her.

She couldn't stop, though. She wouldn't

The hallway she found herself in came to a dead end with a locked door leading God knew where, and it was there she proved that she could wet herself again. Damien caught up at last and grabbed her by the arm, chastising her for running from him, but she wasn't listening. She grabbed her crotch despairingly, trying to stop the disaster that was only moments away, but it was futile. As Damien's words washed over, she felt her bladder give in and she helplessly started draining it into her pull ups. 

Oh Jesus, she wailed to herself, shooting a terrified glance at her caretaker. He seemed oblivious to her accident thus far. What am I meant to do now?

For a second, there was no external sign of her accident, and she felt a surging, demented hope that the pull up would absorb everything and Damien would be none the wiser. It wasn't to be, though - almost as soon as the thought occurred to her, it began to leak out from under her skirt, running down her legs in disgustingly warm rivulets. 

Her companion noticed almost instantly; the sight of Caroline's pee-streaked legs was enough to shut his mouth, too. He sighed, watching the girl pee in front of him as she began to cry. "Well," he began. "Amelia told me what to do if this happened..."

Admittedly, it could have been worse - he could have insisted he put it on her himself. She had been spared that indignity, but that didn't ease the utter humiliation of the knowledge that she had just stepped down from toddlerhood into total babyhood.

"The toilet is off limits now, officially," he told her as she walked out of the sorority's bathroom. He had been waiting by the door for her, and she refused to look him in the eye. What must he think of her? "Sorry, but...yeah. Amelia's words, not mine."

"If you need a change, just yell out, ok?"

She nodded wordlessly.

"Come on, let's get you to class."

The sympathy was evident in his voice, but that didn't help her in her predicament. It was too late to hunt down Mark before class now; she'd have to wait till her break at 11.00. Not trusting herself to avoid crying if she opened her mouth, she simply walked off, trusting him to follow, as she made her way to her lecture.

How the hell am I going to get a date with him now?

Unfortunately, her scouting of the Science building during her break failed to locate the elusive Mark. That was definitely a problem, because she had no idea where else she could possibly look, but she was quickly realising that she had another problem.

She had to pee again.

It seemed ridiculous, seeing as she had emptied her bladder into her pull up only two and a bit hours earlier, and she had been smart enough to avoid drinking all that much in the mean time, but it was what it was. The joys of being drugged.

She ignored it for as long as she could. She didn't have another class until 12.30, and she used that time to search the entire science department twice, back to front, with zero success. At the end of the second sweep, her need to pee was becoming more painful than uncomfortable, and she decided to do the only thing she could think of that might get her out of doing the unthinkable deed she was on the brink of doing. 

She begged.

Damien cut her off as soon as she started. "Sorry, first year," he said, and he sounded genuinely apologetic. "I have my orders. You're wearing your toilet. You gave up the right to use the big girl potty when you wet your trainers." 

"Damien, you don't understand, I - "

"Yes, I do understand," he said flatly. "Look, do you think I want to be here attending to your toileting needs? I'm missing class for this. I don't want to be here, but I I might as well do it properly, right?"

He paused, then added, "Just hurry up and do it. The sooner you do, the sooner you get changed."

Her heart sank. She wasn't getting out of this. 

They were still in the hallways of the science department, and she walked off without a further word, looking through the window of each door as she passed, searching for a vacant room. She wasn't going to do this in a crowded, public space. Being forced to piss in a diaper like she was incapable of doing otherwise, like she was a baby, was one thing. Doing it where the whole world could see was quite another.

Eventually, she found a deserted room: from the outside looking in, it seemed to resemble a kitchen, but from the angle it was hard to tell. She hurried inside. Damien pulled the door shut behind them - the sound echoed off the walls with a thud of finality. 

It was, indeed a kitchen. She spun around to try one last time to find mercy squirrelled away somewhere at the bottom of her companion's heart.

"Damien, please - "


"But - "


She felt tears sting her eyes.

"I'll be over here," he said, and made his way to the other side of the room to give her a little privacy. "Do your thing, and I'd recommend doing it before someone else comes in."

She nodded, and he turned around to admire the posters on the wall.


Scarcely able to believe what she was about to do, Caroline squatted down in front of the fridge. Once again, she was positively desperate to relieve herself, but this time she found it difficult to let go. The last two times, she had been pushed too far and hadn't had a choice in the matter - this time, she wasn't quite there yet. It took a short while to beat nineteen years of potty training, and she found herself straining to quench the first of the waiting padding between her legs.

When it finally burst, though, it burst. She gasped out loud as her bladder erupted and her crotch grew damp and warm. It wasn't an entirely unpleasant feeling, but it was one she certainly could have done without. It tickled her bare skin and left her feeling sticky and soiled. She felt her cheeks burn bright red as her stream hissed into her diaper, an expression which lasted long after the flow had trickled off to nothing but the occasional squirt. Did she really just do that? She covered her face with her hands, fighting back the waterworks. Had she been asked if she wished to continue her initiation into the sorority at that moment, she wasn't convinced she would have said yes.

She had been so absorbed in the deed that she didn't notice Damien standing over her until just then. Startled, she looked up, and noticed the boy looking down at her with an expression of disgust. The tears that stung at her eyes begun to flow down her cheeks without further hesitation.

"Are you done?" he asked hoarsely.

She nodded.

"Show me," he said.

She did.

They were about to leave when Damien's phone buzzed loudly, cutting through the tense and awkward silence that had settled over them. He fished around in his pocket while Caroline sniffled beside him, her putrid undergarment clinging to her skin religiously. At this point, she almost wanted Damien to change her. If it meant getting out of her...this thing (she refused to think of it as 'her' diaper), she wasn't about to complain. 

"Amelia wants us back at home base," her companion said abruptly, jolting her from her reverie. "Your change can wait. We'll take care of it there." 

"Huh?" Caroline blurted. "Why?" 

He shook his head as he re-pocketed his phone, clearly frustrated all of a sudden, and said, "Sarah just finished her date with the guy we're looking for. This morning has been a total waste of time." 

She felt her jaw drop. "But it's not even lunch time yet!" she exclaimed. "How is that even possible?"

Damien shrugged. "She didn't say," was his answer. "Let's go see who won on the leaderboard."

It wasn't her.

She fought back tears as Sarah, grinning widely at the head of the Gamma Phi living area, ecstatically accepted the congratulations and compliments from what seemed to be every 'sister' in the sorority. A step behind that, Caroline and Amelia stood back and watched quietly. They'd been there since the winner of the competition had been announced with much fanfare to the eager audience that cluttered the room, standing out of the way to let Sarah enjoy her moment in the spotlight.  

"It was close!" Amelia had announced. A small smile graced her lips as she addressed the enraptured onlookers - to Caroline, it didn't appear entirely genuine. Like she knew something that the two girls in front of her didn't. The crestfallen girl kept waiting for the smug arrogance to disappear from the other girl's personality, but curiously it stayed put. "Very, very close. Caroline is in the lead with 47 points after the last round. Sarah is trailing only slightly behind, with 45."

She then went on with the anticipatory bullshit that seems to end all contests such as this one - "it was a very hard decision," "pains us to lose one of you," "you're both fine girls, but..." yadda yadda yadda whatever. Caroline wringed her hands behind her back, not really paying attention and not even really caring anymore. She had yet to change out of her well used diaper, and that fact played prominently in her thoughts. By now, it had gone cold, and that detail alone made it far more uncomfortable than it had been at the start. It was sticky and it itched, but Damien had refused to let her change till after the presentation. The sooner she got out of the damned thing, the better. 

"And the newest member of Gamma Phi is Sarah!"

And then it was done, and now Caroline stood dejectedly to the side as her rival lapped up the praise that she had been looking forward to since she first read the name of the sorority in the university brochure back home. 

As it turned out, the transition from pull ups to diapers had been what cost her the competition. While Damien had led her away to get changed that morning, Sarah had not only found Mark, she'd asked him out on a lunch date that had been carried out pretty much as soon as the break started. Caroline had never had a hope. She wasn't going to cry, though. True, it had all been nothing - all the time, all the effort, all the embarrassment had been for nothing. She'd have to find accommodation elsewhere now, and she wasn't going to find the companionship she'd been interested in anymore. Not here, at least. She refused to shed even one more tear, though. She'd done more than enough of that already today.

"Hey. Caroline."

Jolted from her thoughts of self-pity, Caroline noticed Amelia motioning for her to follow. The chubby girl immediately stalked off, hugging the wall to avoid the crowd as she left the room. Momentarily surprised, Caroline hurried along in her wake, although not before pondering what the point of this was. It was going to be a "you're awesome, and we're sorry...but it's time for you to leave" speech. What else could it be? She'd lost. At the very most, maybe she might see a more likeable side of the girl's personality. 

She was waiting out in the hallway. Caroline shut the door behind her before turning to face her. 

"What?" she asked with a sigh. "I lost, didn't I? You don't need to sugar coat it."

Amelia didn't answer; she simply shoved her hand out towards Caroline. Startled, the taller girl stepped back, before realising she was being offered a phone. Curious, she gently took it and gave her companion an unsure look.

"Open it," Amelia said. She still wore that same, shit-eating smile. 

What is she up to? Caroline thought to herself uneasily. She let her gaze linger on Amelia's face a second longer, then unlocked the phone...and shrieked. 

The phone opened up immediately into the photo gallery, and the photo that greeted her eyes was a picture taken from just behind her, walking down the main street of campus with her pull up peeking out from beneath. She felt growing horror begin to wriggle furiously in her gut as she observed it for a moment longer before flicking the screen to make it go away. 

But there was another. This one of her sprinting into an unknown building, her skirt flapping dramatically as it did so and her pull up well and truly on display. Also taken from behind. 

Damien did this, she realised weakly. He was taking pictures the whole time. 

She continued flicking, and of course there were more. Here was one of her walking along that same street holding her skirt as far down as she could; it didn't hide the pee that streaked down her legs, though. The next was similar to the first, only this time it was a diaper instead of the pull up. There two more like this, and the last was a video. 

Feeling physically sick, she pressed play, knowing already what it was going to be. 

Her face immediately sprang into view - it was shot from across the room, but it was obviously her. She was squatting in front of a fridge, her face red from shame and exertion. As she watched, a faint hissing sound materialised, and then the camera began to bob closer as Damien made his way over...

She stopped it there. She didn't need to see anymore. 

"You bitch," she breathed. She looked up to meet Amelia's grinning eyes. What had she thought earlier that morning? Damien had been the one in charge of her not because Amelia was tormenting her, she was just testing her? That her companion might actually have a shred of decency? Oh, how wrong she'd been. "How. Fucking. Dare. You."

She quickly began to delete everything, feeling hot, violent anger rise up inside her as she did so. Who in their right mind would think it was ok to do this to someone? Just who the fuck did she think she was, this arrogant, purple-headed freak of a - 

"You can delete them all you want. They're backed up, in more than one place."

She felt her blood run cold, but she kept deleting. 

"Really. You're wasting you time."

She lost it. "How could you!" she screamed, "What is wrong with you? Why did you take these? What do you want from me? Isn't it bad enough that I lost!"

"If you stop screaming, I'll tell you," Amelia said in a cheerful, sing-song voice.

She forced herself to bite her tongue. She'd listen, and then if she still had to, she'd go to the police. Fuming, she glared daggers at Amelia.

To her credit, Amelia pretended not to notice. "It's really straight forward," she said. She pointed between Caroline's legs, who looked down and squeaked as she realised her yellowing diaper was poking out from beneath her skirt. "Your...underwear...has been quite a hit, you know. That sounds ridiculous, but me and quite a few of the girls think it's absolutely adorable to see you toddling around like you are. You were absolutely adorable through the last trial, on top of today. We've never used diapers in our hazings before, but now that we have...well, we don't really want to wait for next year to do it again. We were looking up things to do online, and we found that...and. Well. More than a few of us fell in love with it."

She noticed Amelia's face had flushed a deep red all of a sudden, and a bolt of realisation struck Caroline like white hot lightning. She's getting off on this, she thought suddenly, and her own face flushed red with embarrassment. She was hardly purity incarnate, but...Jesus. What kind of feral freak gets off on this?!

"We want to offer you a proposition - we've had a lot of internal debate about it the last two or three days, We've decided we're willing to make a deal with you. We've had the one-first-year rule for a very, very long time now, but we're going to make an exception for you. On one condition."

"We want to offer you a six month trial basis here at Gamma Phi...on the condition that for those six months, you're the Gamma Phi baby. If you can last that long, we'll make you a full, adult member of the sisterhood."


"And what does that mean, exactly?"

"It means that you will spend the next six months exactly as you did today," Amelia smirked, and yes, that was a smirk. "Well, almost exactly as today. It'll be a little more intense; you'll be a baby baby, not a functioning adult in diapers."  


She wanted to join the sorority pretty badly, but there was absolutely no way that this was going to be a thing. 

"I think you can shove it," Caroline said darkly after taking a moment to fully comprehend what she'd just been told. What sort of people had she been associating with? Holy crap. "I think you're fucked in the head, I think you're disgusting, you're perverted, you're a creep, and I think I'll be leaving now. And you can delete those pictures, right this instant. I'll be going to the police if you don't."

She wasn't sure the threat was going to achieve anything (it felt like empty bluster even to herself), and clearly Amelia felt the same. She threw back her head and laughed. In that moment, she reminded Caroline of the villains on those Saturday morning cartoons. An absolutely ridiculous character who's true evil was made comical by the twirling of the moustache. 

She finished soon enough, and fixed Caroline with a knowing smile. "Sweetie," she said in a voice so sickeningly sweet it set the hair on Caroline's arms on end. "I don't think you understand your position."

She flicked her phone open again, and after fumbling with it for a second showed it to her companion again. Mistrusting, Caroline looked it over. She had opened the internet browser, it had opened onto a page that look disturbingly like the university's newsletter - in fact, it looked like the "new post" interface on the universities newsletter...and those attachments, those looked like...

"You'll be the Gamma Phi baby," Amelia said cheerfully. "Or this will go live the moment I press one tiny button, and you'll forever be the University baby, not just the Gamma Phi baby."

Caroline gaped. 

Maybe I can tackle her and delete it, she thought suddenly. Her heart started again (she hadn't even realised it had stopped), and she began to sweat. I can get the phone off her, and then I can - 

"This exact same post has been made on a few different devices," Amelia said happily. She'd read Caroline like a book. "You can take out this one, but the moment you do, it'll be posted somewhere else."

Her heart stopped again.


After that, the days really all began to bleed into each other. Caroline’s life became a slow, embarrassing blur of bottle feedings, bathings and diaper changes. What choice had she had? She'd been backed into a corner. She could go through with the offer and become a baby, or deny it and lose any social credibility she would ever be able to have in the eyes of her peers. She'd been given absolutely no alternative, and every morning Caroline woke up hating herself and her life. She woke up wishing she'd seen through the fake smiles and the 'friendships' before she ended up filling her pants on a daily basis.

She'd never really had a chance, with that said. This had obviously been planned from the onset of her application, no way it had been a spur-of-the-moment decision towards the end of the competition. The equipment had all appeared too quickly, for one, as if it had all be hidden away in a secret room the whole time. There was also the fact that there seemed to be very little surprise about her status throughout the sorority. You would think there would be some dissenters with something as creepy, wrong and outright illegal as this, but there was nothing.

Caroline could only conclude that Amelia's "well we loved it so much we just had to go on with it!" sob story had been only that - a sob story. This had been meticulously planned from the start, regardless of what she had said; from the moment she walked through the doors of Home Base for the first time, they had known. Maybe they hadn't known who, exactly, but they had known one of their initiates was going to spend quite a while getting reacquainted with padded undergarments. Maybe the bullshit helped Amelia sleep at night. Maybe it somehow eased the guilt of being a sexual predator. Who knew?

Fuck her. The thought process behind it was irrelevant. The end result was still what it was.

For all intents and purposes, she ceased to be a functioning adult, exactly as she had been told would happen. She was a baby in all but name, and her ‘sisters’ treated her as such. All at once, she found her days spent mindlessly playing with alphabet blocks in a ridiculous oversized playpen in the Gamma Phi living area and her nights spent in an equally gigantic crib at the foot of Amelia’s bed, naked except for the padding of her shamefully absorbent underwear. That later example was particularly horrible, because Caroline had been right: Amelia did get off on this. Quite often, the last thing she heard at night was the violet-haired girl violently masturbating herself to sleep. It didn't take a genius to figure out that her own depreciated state was the inspiration.

At first, it had alarmed her how quickly her rights evaporated; one day, she was an adult with dreams and ambitions, and the next she was having her butt wiped clean in her playpen by someone who should be her equal. She couldn’t even complain when that happened; she’d given up that right when she 'agreed' to all of this. All she could do was blush as she suckled on the teat of her bottle and ignore the stares and giggles of passing Gamma Phi members. Of course, after a while the shock wore off as it became common place...but the shame never let up.

How could I have been so stupid? She lamented to herself for what must be the millionth time one day while sitting in Amelia's lap. It was a month after her new life had begun. As usual, the only clothing she wore was her diaper (which in this instance was incredibly wet and threatened to leak before much longer), and her jailer was hugging her tight from behind while she discussed some inane detail of her day with another member of Gamma Phi. They were sitting in the living room of home base and the ' adults' were ignoring her completely despite her state and presence. Like they always did these days. The only thing Caroline could do was suck her thumb and pretend she was anywhere else but here. As she always did these days.  How could I have been so fucking stupid?

She suddenly felt herself peeing - after only a month, she was already powerless to stop it. The drugs she was being fed had made her totally incontinent, or at least simulated it well enough for the difference to be negligible. She shifted uncomfortably in Amelia's lap, and the movement caused her diaper to finally leak. She whined before she could stop herself, feeling it leak onto both her own leg and Amelia's, and buried her head in the other girl's chest to hide the shame that had suddenly sprung into existence on her face. She'd just peed on another girl's leg. How could she have let this happen?

Amelia said nothing; she was still engrossed in the conversation, but she patted the diapered girl's thigh to acknowledge her plight. In some ways, that casual dismissal was even worse than the usual taunts. Amelia truly saw her as nothing more than a baby now. She began to cry - at first, she managed to withhold it, and all she did was sniffle, but eventually it dissolved into great heaving sobs till Amelia's shoulder was as wet as her leg.

Amelia sighed. "Excuse me," she said. "The baby needs to be changed."

The other girl smiled knowingly.

Caroline was placed on the floor. "Come on," Amelia said. "Let's get you some clean babypants, mmkay?"

The baby nodded miserably and began to crawl after her tormentor, as she had so many times in the last month. At that moment, everything ceased to matter except the dampness of her crotch and her legs. The self pity would return later.

Her mother had known best. That thought would return later, too, and she'd once again cry herself to sleep (whether it be during her nap or at the end of the day) with that thought burning at the front of her mind till she eventually passed out. "Mind those good for nothing troublemakers!" Mama Patterson had warned, and she'd been right. Caroline hadn't listened, but Mama Patterson had been right. If only she could see me now, she'd think miserably. She'd never let me live it down. Ever. "Should have listened to Mum. RIP" will end up on my gravestone.

It would be the last thought of her day before she fell asleep...

...and then she would get up the next day to do it all over again.

And again.

And again.

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