Thursday, 2 October 2014

Picture Stories

Picture Stories are pieces I've wrote that were inspired by a picture. Pretty self explanatory. I've always loved ABDL captions, and I guess these are more or less the equivalent of those on steroids. They're ABDL picture books!

1) None of these pictures belong to me - the story does, but I am not taking credit for the picture(s).

2) If I am using a picture of yours and you want it taken down, message me at or leave a message on the post itself and I will do so immediately.

Table of Contents

1 - Mother Knows Best (7,603 words): Caroline is starting her first year of university and joins the on-campus sorority, Gamma Phi. She thinks it'll be a good way to make friends - what she actually finds is quite different. ABDL.

2 - The Happy Pill (4,052 words): Alanna wakes up in a strange house with a strange man in a strange situation. MAR.

3 - She Takes After Her Mother (1,352 words): Being pregnant comes with a whole host of side effects, but the one Abbey doesn't expect is the one where she loses control of her bladder. Luckily, her husband is around to help her through it. ABDL.

4 - Always Have A Reason (1,328 words): Two sisters share an apartment - unfortunately, there's some bad history between them going all the way back to their childhood, and this only makes a certain problem the older one has even worse than it already is. ABDL.

5 - There's A Witch in the Ball Pit (8,187 words): Brianna doesn't even want her job - she's paid to stock shelves, not play janitor to a kid's playground! In K-Mart, of all places! This is the story of how she encounters a young witch one night while going about earning her pay. MAR.

6 - Christmas Lunch (5,042 words): Left alone with her handicapped cousin for years on end has officially tipped poor Tara Fields over the brink. Unfortunately, her family doesn't quite see her side of the story and decide that she could benefit from learning a lesson. ABDL.

7 - A Gathering of Faeries (4,458 words): Mandy is an aspiring actor - it's what she's always wanted to do, and thankfully, she's exceptionally good at it. The road to fame isn't always easy, though, as she discovers when she's cast as a two-year old fairy in a university stage production. ABDL.

8 - Teacher Tots (4,190 words): Teacher Tots is a company that specialises in a unique approach to potty training kids for parents that are too busy to do it themselves. Vivianne isn't particularly great at her job, though, and is told so by her client in no uncertain terms. ABDL.

9 - Stockholm Syndrome (1,569 words): You wouldn't think it's possible to enjoy a kidnapping, but Isabella discovers that when it takes you away from a life that's arguably much worse, it can actually be a blessing. I'm not too fond of this one just because it came out a lot more creepy-mindless-fap-fiction than I originally intended, but oh well. I'm sure someone somewhere will like it. ABDL.

10 - Bigger Girl (1,886 words): Amber has messed up one too many times for her mother's liking, and it's cost her the one thing she never thought she'd have to give up - her adulthood. ABDL.

11 - Debt Collection (3,579 words): As far as underground crime lords go, Darren Green is really quite a nice guy. How many underground crime lords would trade thousands of dollars in repayments for a few hours of watching you play on the beach in a diaper? ABDL.

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