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AR: Age Regression
These are stories that deal with physical age regression, where a character is made physically younger.

MAR: Mental Age Regression
These ones are about characters that deal with mental age regression, where their mind is made younger.

ABDL: Adult Baby / Diaper Lover
These are general AB/DL stories! These stories are less out there and don't have any age regression in them, physical or mental, and could conceivably actually happen.

Maybe. Probably not.

Table of Contents

All for Violet (A Diaper Dimension Story) (Incomplete, ABDL)
Something something something

1. Vultures
2. All for Violet

A Not-So-Guilty Pleasure (25k words, AR)
Joel's girlfriend just can't accept that her boyfriend has a hobby that isn't her. This is the story of how it comes to a head one chilly Friday night at the AFL.

1. The Games We Play
2. Runaway
3. Fight or Flight
4. The Price You Pay

Brazilian Wax (31k words, MAR):
Bethany's boyfriend has been begging her to get her junk waxed properly for as long as she can remember. She finally agrees to have it done...but when it's over with, she realises she got a little more than she was expecting.

1. Quite Alright, Quite Alright!
2. Becoming Cinderella
3. Who Says You Can't Go Home?
4. Green & Epilogue

The Promise (A Diaper Dimension Story) (124k words, ABDL)
A letter written in crayon forces Cherry to rush to her sister's rescue. Armed with only her Amazonian roommate and his reluctant girlfriend, Cherry quickly discovers that freeing a little from the clutches of a giant isn't as easy as one might expect...

1. S.O.S
2. I'd Do Anything For Love...
3. The Runs
4. Reconnaissance
5. In the Midnight Hour
6. My Littlest Pet Shop
7. The Calm Before the Storm

8. Reek, It Rhymes With Leak
9. Ms Sandcastle
10. The Things We Do For Love
11. Blind Love
12. Half A Wallflower
13. Don't Be Such A Baby
14. Yellow
15. Good Girls Go to Heaven

16. Lion's Den
17. Curiosity Diapers the Little
18. The Wind Through the Keyhole
19. One of the Family
20. Dawning
21. Crib Tales
22. The Artist & the Waiter
23. Ballerina
24. Dancing on the Edge of the Grave
25. The Promise


The Pumpkins Know All The Secrets (Incomplete, AR)
It's a beautiful day, but Linden Ferris is lying in the middle of the road dying due to a horrific car crash. For better or for worse, he is 'saved' by the Grim Reaper herself...only now he must decide whether that's a good thing or not.

1. Who Wants to Live Forever?
2. Afterlife
3. Death & All His Friends

When Love Comes to Town (Incomplete, AR): 
Cameron Rose arrives in Angel Bay to discover his long-distance lover has fallen for someone a little closer to home in his absence.

1. Where There's Smoke
2. Behind Closed Doors

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